How can I be sure that Arnia is 100% pure Kelulut Honey?

Arnia is produced by Pharmaniaga Naturals, a division of Pharmaniaga Berhad – Malaysia’s largest integrated pharmaceutical group, and it has undergone stringent tests to ensure compliance to Malaysian Standard MS2683’s specification for Stingless Bee Honey before it is sold.

How should I store Arnia Kelulut Honey?

With a low moisture content of less than 22%, you can store Arnia at room temperature (away from direct sunlight) or in the fridge without affecting its quality, freshness and taste.

Can my children take Arnia Kelulut Honey?

It is suitable for kids, but we do not recommend giving it to 1-year-olds and below.

What are the benefits of taking Arnia Kelulut Honey?

Kelulut Honey possesses antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. More than that, it is also a natural source of low glycemic trehalulose, a rare sugar that does not cause a rapid increase in blood glucose level like other normal sugars.

How often should I take Arnia Kelulut Honey?

1 teaspoon a day for general health and well-being. It’s a great start for the day!

How long will a 265g bottle of Arnia last?

If 1 teaspoon a day is taken, it will last you about 1 month.

Why is a moisture content that is less than 22% so desirable in Kelulut Honey?

According to Malaysian Standard MS2683 Kelulut (Stingless Bees) Honey’s Specification, a moisture content of less than 22% is necessary to ensure the fresh quality of the honey is preserved. A high level of moisture will cause oxidation and fermentation as it provides an optimum condition for bacteria and yeast to grow.

What causes Kelulut Honey’s colour and taste to vary?

Each nectar’s colour and taste varies according to its source. As such, Kelulut Honey’s colour and taste would also vary accordingly to the nectar source frequented by the stingless bees.

What are some of the key differences betweeen stingless bees and normal honey bees?

Stingless bees don’t sting and are smaller in size. As such, they are able to go into a wider range of flowers and collect more types of natural nutrients. Normal honey bees’ nests are primarily built with beeswax while stingless bees mix their wax with plant resins to make Propolis, the main building material of their honey’s storage pots.

Where can I buy Arnia Kelulut Honey?

Arnia is currently available on Shopee, Lazada and PG MALL.